Push-thru signs

Our Push-thru signs are a simple and effective way to add a touch of depth and dimension to your custom commercial signage, while maintaining the benefits of a fully enclosed sign system.

Advanced Lighting Systems expertly manufactures our push-thru signs to a level of quality that demonstrates high standards throughout the design and production process. Each sign begins with the fabrication of precision made extruded aluminium cabinet to form a durable inclosure and ensure a reliable installation. An aluminium backer panel is then customized to match the desired style and finish, while letters are diligently cut and crafted from cast acrylic. Our staff then expertly router cut the backer plate to receive each letter. With the addition of either flourescent or LED illumination as an option each sign is brought to life with 3D style. As an option, each letter can be fully lit or accent lit with the addition of a non-transparent letter face which allows light to permeate from the edge of each letter.

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Push-Thru Sign technical details and options:

By keeping our process simple we ensure that placing your orders is fast and easy. Your commercial signs and channel letters are carefully packaged in a customized crate and prepared for expedited shipping by a professional carrier.

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