Marquee Channel Letters

When looking for a commercial sign with a welcoming vibe that screams excitement, look no further.  

Our marquee line of channel letters is guaranteed to offer a nostalgic touch with a modern flare that demonstrates this is a place for good times.  

This custom sign option energetically invites and welcomes your  customers audience to enter and join in the fun.

Using our precision extruded metal casings each letter is crafted with open or closed front faces and fitted with a series individual inset bulbs to match the contour of your  customers choice shape and style letter.  Marquee channel letters are easily accented by a variety of color options to highlight their  theme and brand. 

All our marquee channel letters can be produced to specific requirements in a wide variety of sizes, fonts and color and equipped for easy installation and serviceability.

Marquee Channel Letter technical details and options:  

Contact our team today to receive an expedited quote on your marquee channel letter requirements.

Advanced Lighting Systems can also assist with custom fabrication of non-standard channel letters according to your unique needs and specifications.

By keeping our process simple we ensure that placing your orders is fast and easy. Your commercial signs and channel letters are carefully packaged in a customized crate and prepared for expedited shipping by a professional carrier.

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