Innovation drives everything we do.

At Advanced Lighting Systems we know that yesterday’s best is today’s mediocre and tomorrow’s obsolete. Throughout all aspects of our business we constantly strive to raise the standards that move us, our customers and the industry forward.

As a result we have gained a reputation as the premiere source of channel letters and quality custom signage by offering the advanced solutions and technology that keep our partners and clients ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced market.

It’s in the details…

Advanced Lighting Systems revels in exploring new ideas and technology. Through diligent research and experimentation we are perpetually in a state of optimization. Whether it’s in the area of design, production , project management or service we welcome the chance to challenge the status quo in our operations and in the industry at large.

Our emphasis on advancement leads us to work with high quality OEM’s the world over to incorporate new technology, identify and benchmark best practices, and implement new processes throughout our design and production cycles.

This passion for constant and never-ending innovation has helped us remain ahead of the pack. Even though we are proud of these results, we are just getting started.